Network of Organic Supply Chains

We are a network of global organic supply chains. Our network partners who we call value chain partners are farmer groups and processing units in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan and Jharkhand. We strive to build these value chain relationships with the marginalised poor, tribals and small-scale farmers in acknowledgment of their intimate rapport with the Earth. Our value chain partners specialise in the production, processing and marketing of certified organic food, food ingredients, cosmetic ingredients and feed ingredients. We work with a sense of the sacred, learning each day of the revelatory experience of our community of life. Through our organic value chains that link up the economically alienated, we participate in the celebratory experience of living organic and responsibly.

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  • Revering the bounty of life
  • Reconciling human activity to Nature
  • Responsible production
  • Recoupling food and medicine
  • Regreening the Earth

Imapact of Organic

Nature’s insights are best manifested and expressed through organic production. Growing and consuming organic products make living spaces clean, healthy and wholesome for both the producer and the consumer.

Our global footprint

We grow with our partners and value chain members. We serve from the following regions:


We are committed to being truly organic, wholesome and innovative. The community of life rises with the hive and not just the bee. Our researchers are constantly seeking ways for us to live vibrantly with our entire community of life. Our products are certified as per USDA-NOP, EU regulations and NPOP.

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