Organic Amaranth Seed Oil

Amaranth Seed Oil SC CO2 Extract

Ekologie Forte is producing Organic Amaranth Oil using super-critical CO2 extraction technology. Organic Amaranth seeds used in the process is grown and harvested organically in central India. Super critical CO2 extraction process is regarded as “Green Technology” which uses no chemical solvents, retains the original state of the product in its natural spectrum, preserves highest purity, with no thermal degradation and has longer shelf life.

Applicatians of Amaranth Seed Oil :-

Organic Amaranth Oil has its applications both in nutraceuticals and in cosmetics. In nutraceuticals – it has its applications in weight loss and diabetic management, whereas in cosmetics it has its applications in skin care, hair care, aromatherapy and in massage oils.
Product Code : OASCO
Origin India
Botanical Name Amaranthus caudatus
Extraction Method Supercritical extract
Parts Used Organic Amaranth Seeds
Physico-chemical Specifications
Odor Typical Odour of Amaranth
Color/Appearance Yellow oil
Specific Gravity at 200 C 0.900 – 0.940
Peroxide Value (meq O2/kg) Max 10
Acid Value (mg KOH/g) Max 25
Fatty Acid Specifications
Stearic Acid (C18:0) 2 – 5 %
Oleic Acid (C18:1) 15 – 35 %
Linoleic Acid (C18:2) 40 – 55 %
Active Ingredient
Squalene 7 – 10 %
Medicinal and Cosmetic Purposes
Oil must be tightly capped and stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Shelf Life 24 months