Organic Food

We specialize in organic foods - dry groceries and in fruit juices. Our dry groceries are sold under the retail brand name - "Tito's Organic" and we sell our organic fruit juices and concentrates in bulk.

Organic Mango Pulp

With its rich aroma, beautiful colour and heavenly taste, Indian Mangoes are the undisputed king of Mangoes. Ekologie Forte offers Organic Alphonso, Organic Kesar and Organic Totapuri mango pulp produced from hand picked mature, ripe Organic mangoes grown by our organic farmers. With minimum 16 Degree brix for single strength puree, Indian Organic Mango Pulp is a great addition as an ingredient to Fruit Beverages, Yoghurts, Icecreams and even Baby Food.

Organic Mango Pulp is processed from Organic Ripe Fruits that are sourced from our certified Organic Farms. The processing facility is certified for Organic Processing and also adheres to HACCP standards. The Organic mangoes once harvested are brought to the processing facility, where it is stored in ripening chambers. Once the product is well ripened and fit for processing, they are fed into the processing unit. The fruits are inspected, washed, blanched, deseeded, pulped, processed and then packed aseptically.

Organic Pineapple Juice and Concentrates

Organic Pineapple Juice Concentrate is produced by the clarification, filtration and evaporation (concentration) of Organic Pineapple Juice which has been previously obtained by processing the fresh, clean, ripe and sound Organic Pineapples through the consecutive stages of washing, sorting, crushing and pressing. Organic Pineapple Juice Concentrate has the characteristic taste and odour of natural Organic Pineapples.

Organic Pineapple Juice Concentrate is processed from quality ripe certified organic pineapples to retain the characteristic flavor and color of the whole fruit. It is produced in a certified organic facility. Organic Pineapple Juice Concentrate is then packed, through aseptic filling or cold filling, into PE bags in metal or plastic drums, in bins or into food tankers with specific volumes as per customer requirements and the packed Organic Pineapple juice concentrate is transferred to the storage area.