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Ekologie Forte is a part of a global pro-poor and ecological agro-value chain. We are working with small and marginal farmers in developing countries in India and Africa. We specialize in certified organic food, cosmetics and food ingredients. Our products are certified as per USDA-NOP and EC Regulations. Most of our organic farms have a history of dedicated organic practice since 1994. All organic production is done through farmer partnership models, which are organic and fair trade compliant thus ensuring adherence to quality and continuous supply of organic produce.

Product Categories

Organic Food

We specialize in organic foods - dry groceries and in fruit juices. Our dry groceries are sold under the retail brand name - "Tito's Organic" and we sell our organic fruit juices and concentrates in bulk.

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Organic Cosmetic Ingredients

We have a wide assortment of organic ingredients, which are perfect for crafting the best organic cosmetic products. Our organic range of cosmetic ingredients includes - glycerin, oils, fragrances and butters.

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Organic Food Ingredients

Our organic food ingredients include organic grade soy lecithin and organic grade sunflower lecithin. These are made from non-GM, cold pressed oils from organically farmed oil seeds - soybeans and sunflower seeds.

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